My Hobbies :D
There are a lot of things that I like. One thing that I like a lot, is going out with my friends. This photo was taken one day at a party. In this party, I was with my best friends Laura and Andrea. I love them. We usually go to the beach in Summer , as seen in the other photo, but we also go to shopping centers.

Mis niņas

I go to the Riazor stadium. I do this to see to the best football team, Real Club Deportivo de la Coruņa. I go there every weekend. After the football match, we take some photos with the football player. In the second picture, I am with Ayozre and three friends. If you want to know more about this team click here: Real Club Deportivo
Other thing that I like a lot is listening to music... I really like reggae music; singers like Morodo, Swan Fyahbwoy and Bob Marley. In the first photo, you can see me with Ras Kuko and Andrea. Ras Kuko is the guitarist of Morodo. The other photo is Swan Fyahbwoy, I like him a lot. The last photo, well, I know you must already know who he is. If somehow you don't, he is Bob Marley, the man who is synonymous with reggae.

Ras Kuko        Swan

Bob Marley
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