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Hi, welcome to my web page, I'm Laura Boado Varela and I made this page to explain to you what I have done with my teacher, Mr, Zas, with it's contents. I  am going to tell you about my hobbies, because that will let you know what I am like.

This is my city.... 
A CORUÑA! For me, it is the best city, Here we have the famous Torre de Hèrcules!

And, in the other photo, you can see me and two friends with the city behind us.

Torre de Hercules
Las tres
This image is of the famous celebration called San Juan. It is celebrated on the beaches. This beach is El Orzán.
herculesIn this celebration we celebrate that the summer is going to start, and of course, that school has finished!
In Coruña, we have a lot of shopping centres. In the first image, we can see the newest of the three, called Marineda City. Here we have a Corte Ingles and a lot of shops. In the second image, we can see the oldest of the three, it's called Los Cantones Village, and it's near the port. In the third photo you can see the Dolce Vita. The last photo is of the Espacio Coruña,  which, for me, the best of the four. This is because Marineda is very big and you have to walk a lot.

Dolce Vita

Espacio Coruña
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