Adri´s web page

Hello (:
My name is Adriana García Vicente and I live in A Coruña.
I am fifteen years old.
My high school´s name is Adormideras.

I have Computer Science with Zas and this is my first year.
This is a photo that my friend Ana took me next to The Tower and I like it too much.

In the summer I like going to the beach, the swimming pool and I love going to camps.

The last summer I went to London and I went to some parks where there are a lot of squierrels.
I gave to the squierrels some food  (peanuts).
They love the peanuts!

My hobbies:

I love the theater.
I went there with my friends Ana and André.
I love the chocolate and my friend Celia too.
We eat a lot of chocolate!

My works of Computer Science's class in the next file.

Look at them! (:




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