Hello, my name is Alberto I'm 15 years old and i live in La Coruņa (Spain)
I'm doing this webpage to show what am i doing on this class(nothing).
First of all we installed ubuntu on the computers and then we start working on it.

first of all on the right you have my periodic table .
It's done in open office world proccesor you have to be pacient and have free time.


Cesc-fabregas.jpg Cesc Fabregas image by chonito_topetethis is my favourite player.
Francesc Fabregas Soler (4 may 1987)
He is a Spanish central midfielder who captains the English Premier Leage club Arsenal and plays for the Spanish National Team scoring 2 goals on the last euro championship scoring vs Russia and vs italia in the penaltis giving the victory for the Spanish team. Fábregas startes his career as a trainee with Barcelona but was signed by arsenal in September 2003, aged just 16 years. He did not feature much in his first season for The Gunners, but following injuries to key midfielders in the 2004-05 season, his playing time increased. Before long he had established himself as Arsenal's starting central midfielder and playmaker. He went to break several of the clubś records, earning a reputation as a technically gifted player. In international football, the Spaniardś national career began when he represented the under-17 side at the 2003 FIFA U-17 world championship in Finland. As a result of his club performances, he was called up to the senior squad in 2006. He had played in the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008, where he helped Spain to become eventual winners.

I also like table tennis and football. I like table tennis because i played it since 2001. I am in a team of the first division of galicia and I like football because it's a very fun game.

this is one picture of a cow in the sky. We have to do one and I decided to do it because it was very easy.
I did it with gimp image editor.
This is a manual called Dual boot. Whit this manual you learn how to use linux.
We have to make a copy of one papper simillar like this one
I did it with oppen office.
This is my periodic table.  I did it  with oppen office and with tables. You only have to have time to do it.
This is the look work.
It shows all the uses of look with a different preposition.
Here we had to search the meanigns of the verb look, write a sentence with each one and later find a picture that means the same.
This is the planets presentation it is about the atmosphere of venus, the earth and mars.
I did it with oppen office presentation. Itīs really easy to do it because you only have to find pictures.

this is the conversation between 2 computers talking about what is gag and what is it used for.
I did it with oppen office and you only have to know what is gag used for.

This is the Hibernation work.
It used to learn something about the hibernation and the animals who hibernate.
I did it with oppen office.
Zas give to us a papper and we have to make a copy of it.


This is the song pretty peggy o at the top you can see a little sound that was
on the song and on the botton you see that I erase it.
This is one part of the exam and I did it whit Audacity.


naik-s300x238-2964-580.jpg image by mafihotzthis is my sponsor.They paid me to did this webpage.
Alan Quasha Quadrant

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