-AlEx'S WeB PaGe-

Zas is my Computer Science teacher. He is a very good teacher , he was borm in Chicago, Illinois in the USA. Sometimes he sends us go out  the class but is a good techer.
Here you'll see the gimp I did that I am very well. that is the bes gimp on the wold.

In this subject, we did a lot of works with different programs. Some programs we used were the GIMP , OPEN OFFICE , KOMPOZER , SOUND CONVERTER , AUDACITY....

This is the page background. An image has been used that repeats itself to cover the whole background. This text size is x-large. Try different images and colors and see what happens. If you make the table transparent, the page background shows through. Compare the two versions of the table. You can't notice the four cells with no background. Their text seems to be written directly on the page background. In this case the cells are used to locate the text and the images in specific places.

-AlEx'S WeB PaGe-

Down you see the work in a AUDACITY.

Down , you see a work in a open office.

Now I'll put some photos of me and my class.  In  this photograp  appear Adri , Martin Andres , Jacobo  and  me.