First, welcome to my great page;)
Hi, I'm Alex Carro, and I'm 15  years old. I was born in A Coruña, on the 4 of september in 1996. I am studying 4º ESO in Ies Adormideras.

He is Gay--->

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Then, if you even still bored, click in this photo, so you can watch this video of Xalo Rancaño dancing and singing.

Or this video of David eating a worm.

This is me when I was younger.

And now, this is me with the world in my hands.
I edited this photo with gimp:
1º I take one photo of mine when i was younger.
2º I take a photo of the world, then I cut out it, and I put it in my photo.
If you want to know more, visit this video:

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