Image goes here
Four columns have been joined here. You can use this technique to distribute text and images throughout the table.
Table spacing is 16.
Table padding is 8.
Change their values and see what happens.

hercules You can also insert links. This is a link that takes you to the original 'Computer Science' page.

You can select predefined colors for different kinds of text in 'Format --> Page colors and background.'

There are lots of different backgrounds. They can be used either as page backgrounds or table/cell backgrounds. Some examples can be gotten by clicking here, but you can actually use any image you got.
You can also add links to images. Click the penny coin to see the web page that is linked there.
Now click the image on the bottom right. It will lead you to a larger version of the same picture.
A table can be inserted inside another table. Here is an example:

Materials Information Documentation

Pictures Students Works

These four cells show the effect of transparent backgrounds. They let the table color show through.
They are the original four cells that have been joined in the different rows.

The text in these two cells is vertically aligned to the middle of the cells.

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