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Hi! You are on Alicia's Web, here you can see lots of things. In my Web you can see stuff I do in OpenOffice, Gimp and Inkscape.
I hope you like my Web-Page!!!
You can see pictures too

Now I'm in the institute of "ADORMIDERAS" . I'm in 1st ESO B, and in Bilingual Sections.
I like drawing, swimming...



If you click here you will see the file test.odt. It's a test of English.Can you do it perfect???
Let's see how much English you know!!! 
If you want to see my page dedicated to fall click on the picture that is on the right of this text. In that page you can read about fall and see songs, jokes, pictures and poems about fall.

It's Fall!, in Fall it starts to be colder, and the ground is full of leafs... Do you like fall?

In fall the leafs of the trees are orange or yellow, and they fall from the trees, that's why this season is called "FALL" some people call it AUTUMN.
Click here to see my web pade dedicated to spring.

Click here to see my web pade dedicated to summer.

Click here to see my web page dedicated to Fall.

Click here to see my web page dedicated to winter.

The "Chicago  Cow  Parade"


Do you know what it is? When it's this parade people go for a walk in Chicago city
and they see lots of sculptures of silly COWS! The cows are dressed like peaple, or like a painting... And if you can't go there I'm sure there are books with pictures of the cows.

TOo see A
click HERE
To see
cow click

Making Pumpkins...

Have you ever made a Halloween Pumpkin? It is very fun!  You can use it to decorate on halloween, or, as if it were the light; it's perfect for telling a super-scary halloween story! But be careful... Don't burn yourself!!!  But you can paint them too.

Did you ever make a "Magosto Party" (Eat chest nuts with you're friends or with lots of peaple) I do it at school, a day after all of us have to bring some chest nuts, and the next day they "fry" them, It's very fun!!!
And they tast very good; The problem is that you can only eat them in Fall
in Spring, Winter and Summer you can't eat the deliciuos chest nuts.
Do you like them too?
I love them!

|Q. What's an eggs worst day of the week?
A. Fri-day

|Q. Why do cows go to the cinema?
A. To see mooo-vies

Do you want to see some photos? Look and click!

Click here to see a tipe of art.
The baby is Clara (My sister) and the other person is J.Luis (My Dad)
. That is in Chicago.

Click here to see a picture of Chicago.
This picture is one of my favourite. If you look well you'll see the flag of the U.S.A

See a beautiful Sunset!
If you click on sunset you will see a beautiful sunset-you will love it.

Would you like to see my family and me in the desert?
Clara is not there because she took the picture. Does it look like we are in the desert? I did it with Gimp.

Clara is Vannesa Hudgens.
I croped Clara (My sister) photo and I pasted it in Vannesa Hudgens face because
Vannesa Hudgens is her favourite

Bali (Indonesia)

These are some photos of Bali:A breakfast in Bali, don't you think it's lots of food?;A monkey forest!; The Barong-Batubulan dance and Rice Terraces-Tegellantang


These images are hotels, they are very strainge hotels... Look at them!

1. Under Water , in Fiji

2. Coffin Shaped Capsule in Tokio, Japan

3. An Industrial Room in Germany


4. Place at minus 10 degrees in Quebec, Canada


5. Hotel shaped like a Dog, in  Cottonwood, ID

6. A cave, in Parthenon, AR


7.Drain Pipe, in Austria

8. Treehouse, in India

9.Sand hotel, in the UK

-4 sausages
-Herbs: rosemary, sage, thyme
-Some chopped chesnuts
-Chopped apple
-1 packet of puff pastry
-1 egg
How to do it:
1.Buy good sausages. Open and throw away the skins.
2.Put the meat into a bowl and add a handfull of chopped herbs.
3.Add chestnuts and chopped apple. Mix together.
4.Roll out puff pastry until it's 8 inches wide and 1/4 thick, dusting with flour. Cut the sheet of pastry in half, so you have two stripes (they have to be 4 inches)
5.Divide sausage stuffing in half; roll each half into a shape that is like a sausagelay these along t
he lengh of the two pastry stripes.
6.Brush egg over the pastry, roll it up and then use the back of a fork to seal the pastry so it is tightly wrapped. Rub egg over the top of each, and cut the roll into shorter pieces if you wish.
7.Bake at 220C/425F until golden, crisp and puffed up: 10 minutes

I have 2 sisters Irene and  Clara

If you want to see images with glitter click here

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