*Amalia's Page*
Hello! this is my web page and this class is computer science.Here we  do a lot of  oppen oficce things... and the last work are this..the web page! We are take this picture in one competition and this is part of my swim team

Someone of my worksheets are this :
Periodic table

This is my periodic table

This is my crossword

wait please :)


Wait please
In that work we put the differences than wondous, mac ,ubuntu and fedora.

In that presentation I talk abaut the inmigration in New York , most inmigrants are from mexico.
We make assemblies whit the gimp :)
This is the best that i do !

we make things whit audacity and make remix

Whit the Avidemux we do a lot of thing whit videos for example crop borders, put fadings ...etc

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