Hello :) welcome to my page , I'm Andrea García, I'm 15 years old and went to IES adormideras.in this page I will speak about me,my hobbies,my travels...etc.
I hope you like .



this is a photo with my best friend Laura boado
this is a photo with my other best friend Laura Mejuto
                                                               In this page will speak about :
-The best team of the world "Deportivo de la Coruña "in this links you have more information of this team .

-The music that like me and the experience in concerts that I went click here , in this links you can see the next concerts in your town .

-My hobbies , the things can you doing in La coruña , in this link you can see the things can you doing in you free time for having a  good time .
-I put my works class in the 3ªth page , you can click in this tink for see my works .
If you want talk whit me:Andreadormideras@hotmail.com