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Hi!! This is my web page and I am going to show you my class works and I am going to talk about my favourite music group. It's S.O.A.D: System Of a Down, a rap metal group. They are fantastic.

S.O.A.D is an Armeniam-American Rap Metal band from Southern California, formed in 1994. All four members are of Armenian descent. They did five incredible Cds and are one of the best rap metal band of U.S.A. These are the albums they did: HYPNOTIZE, MEZMERIZE,TOXICITY, STEAL THIS ALBUM and SYSTEM OF A DOWN
Now they are split but in this year they will be together again and they are going to do a lot of concerts in europe and american countries.
S.O.A.D returns the crazy things returns!!!

They are the composers of the group: Ser Tankian the vocalist

Shavarsh Oadajian the guitarrist

John Domalyan the drumer

Daron Malakian vocalist and guitarrist

This is my favourite disc. It's called TOXICITY and is one of the best rap metal CDs of all U.S.A. The best song is toxicity. Ii put you a link for hear it and another songs of the disc.

In live they are  an incredible group too. They have done more than 200 around all the world. They played in the U.S.A, Europe in cities like London, Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin and the played too in the most importan rock festivals of the world.
 Here there are some of their best songs at live.

Lonely day
Kill rock N roll

And Serj Tankian the vocalist has a lot of songs in solitary because when the group split he decided to make their own songs.

Empty walls
The unthinkig Mayorati
Sky is over

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