SoUtInHo'S web page ;)
Welcome to my Web page,here you can see some interesting things of my hobbies and things like that.I hope you like my website because i did it with a lot of love =) .To do this web page I took images and information of internet and some information of books and thinks like that,

In this web page I want to see all things that I like.

In the classrom with zas i don't work a lot but this summer i did all the works and I send to zas to pass de subject. =) .

In my live the most important are family and friends because if I havenīt got them I am nothing.
In this photo you can see Hercules` tower.It`s the most important monument in galicia and possibly in spain and in 2010 it was declared World Heritage Site.

I like it because it`s very nice.

When i need think in something i go to hercules` towar and there i listen music and walk around the tower.

IIn my opinion the music is a stylo of live,Music is the best thing in the world because when I listen music...i want to dance and dance is so happy =)
I play in a good team in A Coruņa call Sporting Coruņes with some people of my class like Yeray,Hector and Javi Martinez.

I am a fan of Real Club Deportivo De La Coruņa.This club was founded in 1906.All sundays afternon I went with my friends to riazor because is there where play the Depor.

This is fito,in my opinion the best singer of rock and roll and pop of Spain.

This is a photo of all my cousins,we are a lot of them.Nine boys and five girls and some with his/her boys/girls-friends.