I'm Brais Vieites Caamaño and I'm in 4º e.s.o.
In this page web I show some works of the computer science class

Image goes here This is my periodic table that I did in Computer science class.
In this periodic table I showed you all the informacion of the elements

This are my phrasal verbs work.
In this document you can see the meanings of the verb "look"
This work starts with one English homework.
Other works
On the right you can see my solar system presentation.On the right yo can see the work of
temperature and changes of State
On the left you can see the work of hibertation.

Saquille O'neal
Shaquille O'neal is my favourite NBA player.
He plays in Orlando Magic,Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and in Phoenix Suns.
He is a very strong man.
He broke the backboard two times.
When he started in the NBA he was named Rookie of the season and in 2000,2001 and 2002 was named MVP of the NBA finals.

This is a photo that I do it with gimp This is a photo of a song of peter gabriel  open with audacity

Colon Cleanse
Colon Cleanse