***Gurru's web page***
WELCOME TO MY WEB PAGE!!!. There you can see some of the works that I have done during the Computer Science's class in 4ºESO. I wait you like them, some of them were difficult.
First of all we install the Ubuntu Linux operating system and we work with it much more time than Windows. We have done enough works and you will see some of them in this web page.
On the right there is a photo of the Periodic Table that I have done. It isn't a wonderful periodic table but it is enough well done :)

Here you have my work about the Hibernation that many animals practise during the winter time.
It consists in sleep all the winter time in a cave. Some animals that practise hibernation is the bear and the sunk.

file:///home/gurru/Desktop/My%20wonderful%20web-page/ronaldinho.jpg Here you have a photo of my favourite football player.
Everybody knows who is him: Ronaldinho Gaúcho.

Now he's playing in AC Milan but he has won many titles
with the F.C.Barcelona and the Brazilian selection.
He has won the European Cup, two Spanish Leagues, two
Spanish Supercups, a World Cup, a Confederations Cup, an
American Cup, an U-17 World Cup and many individual titles
like a Gold Ball (the best player in Europe in a year) and two
FIFA World Player (best player in the world in a year).
Definitely he's the best.

This is a work that I had to do in the first evaluation in the English class and I have done it on the computer in my Computer Science's class.
It's about the different meanings that word "look" has. It's composed by the word, an example and an image that is related with the example.

This is a document that is related with the use of the "Dual Boot" in Linux. Click and read it.

This is a presentation of the planets Venus, Mars and the Earth.

This is a presentation of the immigration in Euskadi.

This is a chemistry exam that I've written.

This is a table about the different operating systems that are used today. I have done this table with the OpenOffice.writer 

This is a conversation between two computers. The main objective of this conversation is resalt the advantages of the program GAG, that makes every operating system independent.

This is a picture of the football player Gerard Piqué. He moves from FC Barcelona to the RC Celta de Vigo.

This is a document that I have done equally like Zas did it. It's about the changes of state.

you have the song of pretty-peggy-o. At the top of the picture you can see the original song. At the bottom you can see the song modified. I modified it with the program Audacity.
 I modified this image with program Gimp Image Editor

Here you have a picture of a "clavadista" in Acapulco. They jump
to the sea from very high places. My friends and me love this
hobbie too. We jump from the ceiling of the cafeteria of the
"dique de abrigo". It's less high than the places where "clavadistas"
jump but it's high too.
If you want to contact with me send me an e-mail to olaktal@yahoo.com

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