Gabrii's webpage
Hello!! :)
What's up?
My name is Gabriela and this is my webpage
I'm 16 years old!
I'm in a bilingual seccion, in a class called Computer Science
In this class wework with Ubuntu.
A lot of people don't know what is Ubuntu.
You can have two types of computer: Mac or Pc
And you can have three types of software: Mac, Linux or Pc
In my house, I have a Mac, and I love it
In this class we make lots of worksheets
Many times we do something wrong at  the computers, we must repair them.
I'm gonna  show you some worksheets that I have made:
 The most beautiful beach in the world!
Examen 1 Bachillerato.odt / Examen 1 Bachillerato.pdf
Our "Dear" teacher thought that we didn't have nothing to do at th weekend
He gave us thousends of worksheets to do in two days.
Some aren't here because I didn't have time to finish them
The worksheet was in a piece of paper
So I wrote everything and I tried to find the same type of letter
My Crossword.odt / My Crossword.pdf
I made this crossword in a few minutes, because I was in an exam, and I didn't have a lot of time
If you want you can make it
Change of State.odt / Change of State.pdf
This was one of the most difficult worksheets.
Was, too, in a piece of paper
The most difficult thing was to write in vertical.
It tooks me an hour to put only two words.

Dual Boot.odt / Dual Boot.pdf
The most difficult thing was to find the same images that had the piece of paper.
I didn't have many time
I only had a few minutes to made it
Hibernation.odt / Hibernation.pdf
This is the most difficult
It tooks me lots of hours :S
It's the most difficult but it's the most beautiful

Natural Science Test.odt  / Natural Science Test.pdf
This is an exam that I did last year
I don't have nothing more to say about it
Puzzle.odt / Puzzle.pdf
This is the most perfecft crossword ever made
Raft.odt / Raft.pdf
This is a conversation between a computer and a mouse
They are talking about installing Ubuntu
Planets presentation
This is the presentation that we did in an exam
It was very difficult for me to did it
But now it's cool :)
The first test in class.odt/ The first test in class.pdf
This is the first test I made in this class
It was very difficult for me, but now it's very easy
It's about different softwares, prices, last version, etc.
Definitions.odt/ Defintitions.pdf
Here you can see some definitions that I found
It takes me a lot of time
The things that I wrote are in blue
First test at home.odt/ First at home.pdf
Here the only thing was to match things,
but there are many words
I only had to put the numbers
My periodic table, it's the one that I made
My periodic table
This is the same periodic table but it's graded :)
Periodic Table graded
This is an image that I did with GIMP

In the last exam I made things with the sound
We used Audacity
The excercice was to cut the start of the song
and at the end paste claps of another song
Here you can see the waves before my manipulation:

And here you can see the waves after the manipulation:
In youtube I saw a video that is really cool
Pc talks with Mac and Linux. It's the southpark's version
Well, the teacher say us that we should write here our hobbies and things like that, to be "creative", so...
My hobbies are to bodyboard, go to the beach, and stay at the beach
I love rock, hip-hop, reggae, blues, jazz, soul, pop, and everything, without regeton and clasical music
The sport that I love are Bodyboard, surf, and every sport you can do at the beach :)
The movies that I like are Dangerous Minds, 7 pounds, The pursuit of happyness, Hitch, The Grudge, and so on...
And I don't like cooking because everything I try to do, then it appeared burned
This is the Orzan's beach
Here I do bodyboard :)
If you want to contact with me:
Bye, and good Luck ;P