About me

I´m Héctor, I'm 16 years old and I live in A Coruña.
The place where I live is wonderful because I can do everything that is possible to imagine:
I can go to the cinema, I can play soccer, basketball, tennis, golf... I can ride a horse if I want,
I can swim at the sea or at a swimming pool or I can go to a museum. The best thing of everything is that those places
are very close, so I don't need to take a bus or another type of transport to move.

Those teenagers are some of my class' partners:
We were in the break when
a friend told us to take some photos.

There is a photo remembering some good
times with my others friends the time
when I was in Tralee, Ireland.
It was the saummer of th 2009,
I went there to improve my english.

There's me again with more of
my friends taking a photo
in the soccer team.
It was the last year, now i'm
playing with other people, but
I don't have anyother photo
more recently...

I'm in a party of my
"aldea" with some family.

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