Irma's web page.

Welcome to my web page.
My name is Irma and I'm sixteen years old. I study computer science.
In this page I'm going to put the worksheets that I've done.

The first job I did was about emigration to Asturias in 2000 to 2009, and about there nationality in 2009.
I did this asignment with Open Office Spreadsheet adding graphs and statistics. 
Immigrants in Asturias    Origin of the immigrants
The secondo job I did was about immigration in Asturias too, but is a presentation. I did it with Open Office Presentation.
  The next job I did, was with Gimp, I edit some photos.
This is the first photo, me in a desert doing ski. And the original photos.
Ski_in_desert    original_man    original_desert  original_irma

The second photo is one friend and me with green eyes. And the original photos.

green_eyes    original_we    original_eyess

I did with Gimp some efects too, like this one.


The fourth work I did was with Inkscape, I draw some  things.
inkscape_draw   inkscape_stars

The next job I did was with audacity. I converted songs.
First with an album, I separated songs and I put the name, year, etc to all the songs.
The album is Space Oddity, David Bowie.

Next, in a song of Bob Dylan called Pretty Peggy-O, I deleted a noise at the star of the song, I added a door closing, and added people shouting at the end of the song. Then I converted the song, because ir was very big, and I wanted a small song.


The next job I did was with a program called Avidemux. I did a videoclip of one song of the movie "Grease".


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