Isa's web page

I am Isa, I am 15 years. This is my first year that I have computer science. I have it in english. My teacher is Zas.
I'm going to explain you some things that I learnt this year, like the periodic table, the poster, the draws that I did in inkscape using gradient.

This is my first work that I did in inkscape.
First I made a star and inside it I put some information about linux, because this is a work about LINUX.
Then I inserted a image from  Google's images  and over it  I put some letters in green.
After that I made a lot circles in different colors.
Finally I put the background in orange, cause my favourite color.

This is a work that in my opinion was the more difficult to make. Because I had to make a lot of tables with numbers, letters, and it was so complicate.
periodic table
Inside these two cells I am going to insert two draws that I did them in inkscape, the first is a heart and the second it's a buterfly.
I love do exercise and sport, I am playing in a footbal team with girls.
I played tennis, basketball,tennis table,and I went to swimming.
Other hobbie is go to the cinema, because I love wath films, in specially romantic or comedy films.
Also I go to classes of music, I played the saxophone.

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