JakO Web PaGe !!

In this web page I will talk you about my swimming team.
In the picture on the right the boys are my team of "relevo". there names are from left to right Charly (free style), Moncho (Breaststroke) and Anton  (Backstroke) and I swim butterfly. 
Image goes here
hercules this picture was in Santiago in the Campeonato Gallego Absoluto last January

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Computer Science
Out techer of computer science tell us to do a periodic table with open office

this is a work about hibernation

hercules we made a remix using the adaucity program. We made a modification of the song Pretty peggy-O too!
I made videos with avidemux like mulan or grease

thes screenshot is a crosword. i made it with a table in open office
in this picture we'll see an retouched image with GIMP