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if you click in the image you go to my school´s web page .

ies adormide4ras

This is a work i did when i was in 2nd E.S.O....i  did it with spreedshit.
   This is the heart i did in inkscape. zas help me to do this perfect heart. ws1
Here there are some progams that are very important to zas and for all of us.They are free  and some of them they are better than windows programs. openofficekompozer

this is my favourite football team the rc deportivo.If you click here you go to thr deportivo´s web page. RC DEPORTIVO is the best team in the spanish league after the FC BARCELONA,

Here there is my phrasal verbs work.I did it by making a table and adding text.In the end i  borrow the table borders.
phrasal verbs

In this work i copy exactly zas test about what is hibernation?
hibernation work
this is my work with audacity.It is a remix of some songs...
first you have to import some songs and then you only have to cut some parts of the track.

worksheet 2. here there is a computer vocabulary work where you can see alot of vocabulary.

in this work i had to modified the dimensions of the video to make the circles look right.

this a work i did with gimp.I only had to click on filters to make the special effects on the photo.

this is a periodic table of elements  i did with oppen office . you only have to make a table and delete the squares you don't want.