Javi's Web Page ;)
Phrasal Verbs
That is my work about the Phrasal Verbs.
It was for the English teacher
but my Computer Science teacher wanted to put it on this page.
If you click in the image you can see my work

Also you can see here my last works with Gimp...
It's easy to do because you only have to take two photos or more and put them in the same image...
Then you can edit more things to make it better...like the ball I put in the image.

That is one of the works we've to do with this program.
Zas asked us to do this butterfly.

That's another work that Zas wanted us to do.He asked us to do a hearth and I think that mine  is Ok.

Peridoic Table
That's my work about

the Periodic Table of the Elements.
If you click on the image you can see my work.
If you click in the image you can see my work.

Here I put one of the works
I've to do this year.
It was difficult because it was the first

work of the year.
Click in the image to see my work.

My Hobbies

One of my hobbies is playing football,I'm playing since I was 4 years old.
Now I play in a football team called
Sporting Coru˝Ús where I'm playing since 2007 with some of my classmates,like Borja and Yeray.

On this photo we were celebrating we won the League of 1¬ Local Cadete.

His name is Diego Tristan.
He was my favourite player but now he left the matches.
When he played in the RC Deportivo he was the best.

Another of my hobbies is going to the beach with friends.
If I can, I go all days with them.

If you want to contact me write me an e-mail to minombreesjavi@hotmail.com