Hellow, I'm Laura, and I'm in computer sicience class. I've been in this class since 2008 Setember.
But I've been since 2 E.S.O in Seccioons Bilingues.
We've done a lot of things, like a periodic table, quizes...etc.
Many people think that this class is very difficult, I think is not difficult but we have to do a lot of things : 
  • Periodic table
  • Look
  • Crossword
  • Raft
and a  presentation, about the atmospheres of Venus, Earth and Mars.

(This page is underconstruction, I apologize for the inconvenience)

Periodic Table

This is my Periodic table. You have to use the Word Processor to create the table, and then you can prove with a lot of colours, types of have to got a lot of patience to do all this things..!       

This is my phrasals adverbs. Is a table that explains the different meanings of "LOOK".
You can do it with OpenOffice Word Processor creating a table, and serching photos for the
different meanings                                          
This is my crossword. Zas told us to do an originally
Crossword, and this was the result... I hope you like it ! :)
This is my Hibernation thing. Zas sents us homework like this one, we have to copy exactly as the originally,
with the the same font, the same colours...                                                                                    

Planets Presentation

Do you want to know about the atmospheres of Venus, Mars and Earth?                                                              

Click here to know more things about planets and their extructure!      



Pretty Peggy-O (Strange noise)                                                    Pretty peggy-O (Arrange)

Pretty peggy-O (Complete)

Well, this is all that I have in this class, but now I'm going to talk about myself, what I like and things like that.
Well I like listening to music, I can spend my free time liostenig to music, I REALLY LOVE IT.
I like all tipes of music, but there are some groups, singers..that I like the most. For example: The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, HSM...
Other hobbies that I like doing is DANCE! Few years ago I went to some danse classes, and it was a really good experience :) favorite hobby is really go out with FRIENDS.
So, I hope you like my webpage bye and BE HAPPY (:  

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