La que se avecina ;)
Hi !!,I'm Lucia Mata Rodriguez, I am16 years old and I study at  IES Adormideras. I created this web page because my Computer Science's teacher asked me to do it. This page is about my hobbies and what I did during these years.
Welcome to my page !!
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This picture is the cober of the laste season of " La que se avecina"
This page is about the TV series La que se avecina.
It is a Spanish television series based on the humor of, and is produced by, Alba Adriatica and Infinia1 and broadcast on Telecinco since April 22, 2007, holding the record in viewership. The adaptation of no one living here in his debut was a 28.8% share and was leading in almost all its emissions during the first. The looming chronicles the life of a particular community of neighbors' viewpoint Montepinar ": a block of flats divided into three homes per landing, two basses, two attics, one goal, two rooms and public areas.
On this page I am gonna put links so you can see more information about the characters,videos etc. Below, you can see some pictures of some of the characters . in this link you can have information about the TV series in this link you can see the episodes of the series.
At the left there is a picture of one of the principal characters Antonio Recio, and at right
is a picture of another character, Enrique Pastor.