MaRkItOs' WeB pAgE
Periodic table

The periodiс table of the chemical elements is a tabular method of displaying the chemical elements.
if you click in the image on the rigth you can see the periodic table that I did in computer science.pene

Types of looks
The paper on the rigth is a exercice that I did in the english's class..
You can see the different used of look with picture that explain its meaning.

Others works
On the rigth there is a crossword that  zas said me that I have to do it and it was very easy to do.

On the left there is a work that I did this year. It was very difficult to do because it was very long.
At the top of the picture on the right you can see the original song that Zas gave me to change it.
At the botton of the picture on the left you c
an check that I have removed the sound.
To do that you only have to click on effect and then click on noise removal.

GIMP Image editor
If you click on the picture on the right  you can see a photo that I modify with a program call GIMP Image editor.

My hobbies
My favourite hobbies are basketball and footlball because they are the most exciting sports.
Football basketball

LeBron James is my favourite basketball player because he can do that the other can't do.
The man that is in the pisture on the right is very very similar to Popeye
Lebron James

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footlball player in the world.
The end

Colon Cleanse