Hi I'm Mayte and I'm doing a web page.
We are in this class since 2008 September. Since then we have done a lot  of things, we have done things that you need to do when you buy a computer:
Fisrt you have to make four primary partitions with the ubuntu live CD (to have one you can use the link in the right there you continue the steps. Useful links are in  http://www.xente.mundo-r.com/zasjls/lhs/links.html )

(*) not finished yet.
Periodic Table
This is my periodic table is one of my first works in computer science. If you want  to do one is not to difficult. You have to use open office Word Processor and create a Table then you change the style line and you choose if you don't want borders you choose none and if you want you choose the oders.

This is a table that explains the differents meanings of the verb LOOK with severals prepositions; you can do it in Open Office Word Processor creating a table and changing the backgrounds and  inserting some photos. Look
This crossword is one that Zas told as to do it. If you're crazy and you want to do one you can look at this to have a reference and you can do it in Open Office Word Processor inserting a table.  Crossword
The RAFT is a conversation between a computer's screen and a computer's keyboard. They talk about GAG. RAFT
In the next works you can do them with oppen Office Word Processor and with Oppen Office Draw
What's hibernation?
CN1. Quarter 1 Test

Guide for installing Ubuntu Linux 8.10
Dual boot with Windows XP
Fisica 2º Bacharelato
Pretty Peggy O
At the begining you see some lines that are a strange noise.

This is the song without the noise.
to take it out you have to select and delete.
GIMP Things
This you can do it with GIMP by using the magic wand and selecting María Pita in a photo you copy it and the you paste it in a picture of  the Torre de Hércules.

If you have got any question you send me an e-mail to maytepyc@hotmail.com