A periodic table

I'm going to explain how to make a periodic table.
For explainig it, I'm going to do it step by step.
First of all: it's something good to know what is a periodic table.
Definition: a periodic table is a tabular method of displaying the chemical elements.

You will need open office for doing the periodic table. Click here if you don't have open office installed.

Step one
Open an open office text document

Step two
Count how many rows and columns has got a periodic table and make a table with the same number of rows and columns.
Step three
Erase the cells that you don't need. For doing this you must do the next: table --- table properties ---
borders --- default --- set no borders --- style --- none.
Step four
Save some of the cells that you have eraised and you will need for your periodic table. For doing this you must do the next: table --- table properties --- borders --- default --- set outer border and all inner lines --- style ---- 0.05pt.
Step five
You must colour the cells according to the kind of elemetnts that they are. For example, you can 
colour transition metals in blue. And you can colour noble gases in red.
Step six
You must put your name. It is important!
If you click in the image below you can find others examples of  works made with a table. In this case what you can see are examples of looks, a crossword, a planets presentation . . . 

If you want to know how to make things like what I did with Michael Phelps in this photograph, you will need Gimp image editor. For doing something similar follow the manual that you are given in the Gimp image editor.

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