Hi! I'm Sara and I'm 15 years old. I'm doing this webpage as a work for computer science. Here I'm going to show you some of the works I've done. If you want to know about my hobies click here:

  Open Office  

This is one of the first works we did. It's called "Computer Vocabulary"

If you want to see the pdf just click in the piucture

This is the next work we did. We named it "Workshit #2"

If you want to see it just click there.

The third work I did was this one. Click in the picture if you want to see it.

Then, with that work we were told to make this:

This was one called Hibernation. I think it is pretty well done. Click there to see it.

Then, we made this one. It was pretty difficult to make the crossword.


This is a periodic table I made with Open Office:

This one es a picture made with Inkscape. It was part of the first term exam.

This ones are from the exam too:

This is a drawing made to use in the exam. It was very (VERY) difficult to do it. But I think if I have to do it now It will be much easier.

This is a butterfly made with Inkscape too. I think the colours are very beautiful but I still like the heart the most.

This is the heart I made (also with Inkscape)

We did lots of things with this program. We started deleting the crickets from some songs.
This song's called New Sensations. It had a cricket in the middle of the song so we had to cut it. Then, copy another part of the song that was exactly the same and put it where the noise was. It was extremely difficult to make it match. But... I DID IT!

If you wan to see a picture of how the whole song is, click in the pictures on the left.

This is the remix we made. I used the songs: "7", "Brainstorm", "Still take you home", "Red light indicates doors are secured" and the applausses from "Umpluged". All of them are from the Arctic Monkeys except the applauses. They're from Melissa.

This is a composition I made with inkscapes. The background has a cartoon effect. That was easy but to make the woman I had to put her howl eyes and redrow the borders, then, I erased the mouth and redrew it again. It was difficult to do but it was worth doing. It gives me creeps though.

I made this one taking the photo of the old Barbie above and modifying it. I inserted my face, turned it into gray scales and changed some parts into red. It was fun to do it, but difficult.

Avidemux is a program used to modifyn videos. With this program we a videoclip of one of the songs of the movie Grease and made it fade tp black at the start and at the end. We also shifted the sound of a video and did some other things. It was one of the easiest progams we used this year, I think.
The image at the right shows a scene of hte film Mulan. We had to crop hte black lines it had at the top and bottom and then put suitable subtitles in it. It was fun.

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