Tito`s Web Page
Those are all the things that I have done with ZAS
 Image goes hereWelcome to my web page in which you will see all that I have done in
Mr.Zas´ class and also my hobbies. This is my photo so tou can see the face of the god who created this page.

I like doing judo. In this photo you can see me whit my partners in the championship of Mieres, in which I have won a bronce medal. Also my partners have won medals.
Now you are going to see the things that I have done in Zas´ class.

Why Linux is better? you can see it here.

This is me in a gnome background, I am sitting in a dropt.

This is the homework that Elisa tall me to do.
I expect an A+.

This is my periodic table that Zas tall me to do.