HELLOOO!!! Welcome to my web page. I'm Uxii and I'm 16.
In this page I put some of the worksheets  that we've done. In my opininon some things that we do here are difficult because our "dear" teacher doesn't want to explain nothing because we must know everything.
Periodic Table

This is a picture of my favourite sport:
Badminton  Which is this sport?
In English class we had to do a presentation and I did it about Badminton.
Dont't click  the link because you won't see anything.Doesn't work. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Here some workheets:

Phrasal Verbs

We have to search Venus,Mars and Earth's atmosphere and also we did a presentation if yot want to see it click in the link:
Planets presentation

This is a picture of our second year in bilingual sections!!! I remebered that this was the most difficult year in the high school.
 This the screenshot of the pretty peggy song complete.

Colon Cleanse