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My name is Victoria and I'm a student in Computer Science class.

And this is my webpage. It has a lot of contents and cool things like "What is anime?" or "How to install Ubuntu in your PC".

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What is "Anime"?

Anime is a type of animated cartoon. Normally is japanese and it has a lot of genres and tipycally is for all people.

The demographic groups are:

Shônen: Its for boys and it contains battles and fights between heroes and villains. InuYasha is a good example.
Shôjo: It's for girls and it contains love and sentimental relationships. Hana Yori Dango it's cool and it's a good example for this.
Kodomo: Its for kids like Doraemon.
Seinen: It's for adult boys. It contains more blood and violence.
Josei: It's for adult girls. It contains more love.

And the genres are:
Mecha (robots), harem (a lot of girls are in love with the same boy) etc.
hercules Naruto and Bleach are good examples of this popular hobbie. xxxHolic, Sakura Card Captor are popular and interesting animes.

Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku is a good film and I recommend it a lot. ;D
Well, I like draw, take photos, read, watch NFL matches

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Now i'm gonna show you what are we doing in this class. I'm sure it will result very very interesting! *(^_^)*

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One of my favourite hobbies is watch DORAMAS, dramas or Live Actions, japanese series. Also, I absolutely love J-bands like Arashi (, it means "Storm"), TOKIO, or Kanjani8, Kinki Kids, Chihara Minori, Aya Hirano, who is a famous seiyû (a person who gives voice to anime characters). My favourite song ever is "We can Make it!" from the DORAMA "Bambino!", sung by 嵐. The last DORAMA I've seen is "Yamada Tarô no Monogatari" (The history of Tarô Yamada). It is gr8!.
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