Victoria's Works
Hello everybody. In this page I'll show you my works and documents that I've done in this fantastic class!

Cute, isn't? *.o*

Well, there is a photo which I have modified with Gimp.

1. First of all I pick one photo and I open Gimp

2. Then I selected my eyes with the Magic Toogle.

3. Later, I changed the hue and saturation with "Image -> Colors / Balance". It's quite simple.

And the result is that.

This is one of my collages. I took one photo and I cut the animal.

I changed the colour and saturation, the contrast and the brightness.

I put the reflex in the table and that is the result.

It's sooo cute!. 

Here I took a picture of my favourite singers, MatsuJun, and I changed the saturation and add some effects like the lights in the corner and some definition with the sharp tool.

Awesome !

These four cells show the effect of transparent backgrounds. They let the table color show through.
They are the original four cells that have been joined in the different rows.

The text in these two cells is vertically aligned to the middle of the cells.



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