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In this page I'm going to put all the classwork I do with my "nice" computer science teacher called Mr.Zas.

Now I'm going to put the first work we do this year:
First test
Here are the three pages we had to do for this test.
Here there is a cool periodic table too
The migration statistics from 2000 to 2011.
I found the information in the National Statistics Institute from Spain.
Me and my partenrs in computer science class spent aproximately one week in doing this work because in the National Statistics page was not very easy to find the information, and our teacher didn't help us a lot.
Finally I did it and I'm wishing it will help you.
In the tables apear the number of migrants per year in euskadi and the nationality of the extrangeres.
I'll take this space to put a work that we had to do both for Computer Sience and English class.

Phrasal verbs

The work consisted in put some phrasal verbs made with the same verb and with them make sentences and put pictures that esplaind them. This was the English part, the Compter Science part consisted in making a table to put all the other things inside.
Now I'm going to work with audacity. I'll take an album saved in one file and I'm going to make a file for each song. Firt able I open the file. auda
You select one song, you clic in file and then in export selection. Now you can put the name for the song, the artist..., and then you export it. You repeat this with the other songs and you'll have a file for each song.
Second test
Inner Planets
Planets Presentation

This is my second exam, that I had to do two times because my computer broke. For the second time I only had three hours for finding all the information!!!!!

Continuing with sound, I took a song of  Bob Dilan, I removed a fail of the song and I icluded to it a door clousing and some aplauses.
To remove the fail I only selected and clic (supr) because it was at the begining. Then, to put the door sound and aplauses take another song with these sounds and I copy them.
w e
Another work I performed in class with audacity was to take the same songs two times, they had crickets, but in different places, so the thing was to make one with out crickets. This is very easy to do, wou only have to mute in one song the crickets and in the other mute all the song except the parts where the crickets of the other song are.
Here I'm searing a periodic table I did with my priend zas. It is so beautiful, I hope it helps you.

Periodic table
We made to sometjngs with inskape. Here is the cool buterbly and the nice heart I performed.
In first of E.S.O we had to made a hand out, and it was so difficult. This year, we
had to make that hand out for the guys that now are in first of E.S.O. I hope you'll like it.