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Welcome everybody to my webpage. I'm Xaquín and i'm gonna tolk you about me and my works with Mr Zas, my informatic's teacher.

I'm a 4º ESO student in IES ADORMIDERAS

This two fotos are me, what changes with the program Gimp. They are awesome!!!! Look at Mr Zas head hahahahahahahhahahaha.
... The work of the left is do it with Libre Office, and shows the immigration in Asturias. If you wont to see bigger, click in the photo.

We do a lot of things with Mr Zas, like that periodic table of elements tht you can see at your right (yeah, I do it all without copy and paste)

See  planets work 1
See planets work 2
In that works you can see some interesting thing about inner planets, like the atmosphere composition or the preassure

Now I gonna put here some of my hobbies.
 I love playing basketball. I play in a team (Los Rosales) and ike a point guard.
 Playing  computer games is my favourite hobby at home. I usually see videos in youtube or play some games (League of Leguends, Age of Impires...).
 I wont to be a profesional basketball player or be Indiana Jones. Hahahaha
 My favourite movies are The Lord Of the Rings and Star Wars.

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