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Image goes here Welcome to my web page!!!
Here you can see some of my interests.There you can see some of the works that I have done during the Computer Science's class in 4šESO.
mi abuelo
This on my grandfather that play footlball when we was young. He played in the Orzan Club and won the Coruņa's Cup. I put this picture to make a tribute.
Sporting Coruņes This is my team, I play football as mildfield and  i scores many goals thanks to my colleagues who give me the passes.
It is the best team in the world, except the Deportivo Couruņa. I try  to be so good as  the best player of the world, Lionel Messi.
mi equipo
I really love music, I listen all the time, and the singer that I like is Fito y los Fitipaldis, I also like many other artists, but this es the best.
tabla periodica
I did with the inskape, with help from the teacher and my imagination
This is good fito




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